meet the team

Two individuals from opposite ends of the globe with an equal passion for promoting travel, connected through instagram and created what we present to you as “The Roaming Republic”; A collective of global citizens who are passionate about freely roaming the world in the endless pursuit for more.

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Cassy Isabella - Founder

Cassy Isabella is a multi-disciplined creative, hailing from Toronto, who has been working in both the travel industry and social work field for almost four years. As a Child and Youth Worker, she is most passionate about using her access to travel to aid in international development and create opportunities for people from disenfranchised communities to experience the world. Prior to entering the travel industry, Cassy accumulated 10 years of experience in event planning - ranging from wedding planning, curating youth empowerment events, workshops and multi-arts events throughout Toronto. Now, when she isn’t traveling or working with youth, she is feeding her love for performing arts by performing in stage plays and spoken word. Her combined passions make it her priority to curate travel experiences that are not only fun but are done in an ethical and affordable manner that gives back to the local communities they touch. Through The Roaming Republic, Cassy hopes to encourage minorities to explore the world and to help make travel more accessible to everyone!


Cedric H - Founder

Cedric was born and raised in the United States. Since childhood, he’s had a strong passion for film, television, travel and education. After receiving a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences with a concentration in Film/Video and Urban Education he moved abroad to teach English professionally. Since embarking on his expat journey, he’s had the opportunity to educate students in China, Czech Republic and Malaysia while also visiting numerous countries. As a writer, Cedric hopes to tell his travel adventures through film and storytelling with hopes of inspiring other minorities to travel and explore the world. Cedric’s passion for education and travel has awarded him the opportunity to help send African American’s students abroad with The CedinTheCity scholarship. When he’s not traveling Cedric describes himself as a high energy, thrill seeking individual who loves bringing people together. Through The Roaming Republic, Cedric hopes to connect individuals from all walks of life together for unforgettable adventures!