Please be sure to read our terms outlined below prior to signing up for a trip.

When you fill out the contact form for a trip, you acknowledge that you have read and agreed to the terms outlined below.


Is my initial deposit refundable?

We get it, life happens and plans can change! If you request a refund within 24 hours after your initial deposit payment was made, we will gladly refund you to your original payment method. After the 24 hour period has passed, your initial deposit is non-refundable and will be held as a cancellation fee.

What happens if I can no longer attend a trip I have already paid into?

If for any reason you can no longer attend a trip you have already paid into, any monies you have paid into said trip will be refunded to your original method of payment, minus the initial deposit, up to 45 days prior to departure, provided a replacement guest has been found. 45 Days prior to departure, your money is no longer refundable. Please note that this does not apply to partnership trips. For trips being planned in partnership with another travel company or travel concierge, no refunds will be provided.

Special Arrangements

Sometimes, we make special arrangements for you so that all of your friends can get on the same trip. ie; squeezing an extra person into your room. Due to the nature of these unique arrangements, if you are no longer able to attend, we will not be able to find a replacement for you. Under no circumstances will refunds be made for special arrangement bookings that result in replacements not being possible.

Late Payments

I can’t make a trip payment on time, what happens now?

Payment deadlines are outlined in your initial email and it is your responsibility to make these payments on time. We do understand that life happens so you have a grace period of two days after a payment due date to make your payment.

Late Fees - First Late Payment

Late fees will be waived for your first late payment only, provided the payment is made within 7 days after the the due date. After the 7 day period, a 25$ late fee will be added to your balance owed.

Second Late Payment

A second late payment will automatically result in a 25$ late fee, beginning immediately after the two day grace period and ending once the payment has been received by The Roaming Republic for a maximum of up to 14 days after the due date.


If a payment has not yet been received 14 days after the due date and no payment arrangements have been made with The Roaming Republic in writing, you will forfeit your spot on the trip in question. If a replacement guest can not be found, The Roaming Republic reserves the right to keep all monies paid as a cancellation/non-payment fee.

Need a payment extension? Just get in touch with us before your payment due date! We are willing to work with you so that you can make it on your trip. All we ask is that you communicate!

Trip Changes

A new trip was posted but I already paid into a different trip. Can I switch?

Once you pay into a trip, arrangements are being made for you on that specific trip. Unfortunately, trip payments are not transferable to other trips. You are welcome to book a second trip with us as many travellers have done!

What happens if a change to accommodation or itinerary is made after I book?

Changes to accommodations outlined in our pamphlets are not likely but may occur due to circumstances beyond our control. In the event of a change to accommodation, you will be notified immediately and be provided with information on the new accommodations which will always be of equal or greater quality. 

While we will endeavour to operate all trips as advertised, reasonable changes may be made where deemed necessary or advisable for operational reasons by The Roaming Republic and it’s partners. If we make a change to any trip (such as accommodations and/or itinerary items expressly listed in the pamphlet), we will inform the guest(s) booked on the trip in question as soon as reasonably possible.

If a Change is made more than 14 days prior to departure, the affected Client may elect to:

(i) accept the  Change and proceed with the amended trip;

(ii) book another trip of equivalent or greater value, if available (you will be responsible for paying any difference in price between the changed trip and the trip booked in its place);

(iii) book another trip of a lower value, if available, and receive a refund of the difference in price; or

(iv) cancel and receive a full refund of all monies paid to The Roaming Republic.